Vitamix E310 vs E320

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Regardless of whether you’re interested in purchasing your very first blender, or you’re ready to upgrade your existing one for something more innovative – then you’re making the right choice to have your eyes on a Vitamix blender.

Known as being one of the most reputable and premium manufacturers in the world, “Vitamix” is synonymous with high-quality products, an unparalleled level of durability, as well as incomparable craftsmanship thanks to years of experience and expertise. 

Amongst their impressive catalog of premium quality blenders, there are two standouts that are not only bestsellers but have the seal of approval of homeowners and professional chefs, alike: the Vitamix E310 and the Vitamix E320! 

Deemed as being two of Vitamix’s more affordable options, this article is going to be comparing and contrasting the two so that you can come to a better understanding of which one might be best for you. So, whenever you’re ready, let’s jump right in.

Vitamix E310 And Vitamix E320: Overview

Before we begin comparing the two, we’re first going to take a moment to provide you with an overview of both blenders, so that you understand the basic differences between the two.

As part of Vitamix’s very own Explorian Series, these two blenders were initially marketed as being more of an affordable option to some of Vitamix’s more expensive blenders.

Needless to say, despite being designed to be more budget friendly, both of these blenders are investment purchases and considerably more expensive than competing manufacturer’s blenders, such as Ninja.

Nevertheless, many people deem Vitamix blenders to be worth the price, especially given the fact that they are specifically designed to offer a fantastic performance alongside an exceptional service life.

Not just that, but it should also be noted that all Vitamix blenders come with a full (not limited) warranty that lasts at least 7 years. This is super impressive to us, as full, long warranties often tend to not only indicate premium quality products but a brand that genuinely cares about its customers. 

Vitamix E310 Overview:

One of the biggest appeals of the Vitamix E310 is that it offers excellent value for money. At least, by Vitamix standards, that is.

This awesome blender comes packed with a seemingly never-ending list of practical features that give this blender plenty of functionality, while innovative additions such as its pulse feature set this blender apart from competitors with an innovative edge.

Vitamix E320 Overview:

On the other hand, we have the Vitamix E320.

Packing in all of the benefits of the more affordable E310 with a slightly more powerful motor, as well as larger blades, the E320 offers a slightly more sophisticated and streamlined performance, although when compared side by side, these differences between the two are hardly noticeable. 

Vitamix E310 And Vitamix E320: Similarities

Now that you have a better understanding of what each blender does, we’re now going to begin comparing the two so that you can come to a conclusion of which one is the better option for you. To start that off, below, let’s take a look at the main similarities between the two blenders:

Ideal For Those On A Budget

If you’re already familiar with Vitamix, then we’re sure that you’re already aware that their blenders (on average) tend to find themselves at the higher level of the price spectrum.

Nevertheless, if you are wanting to invest in a Vitamix blender that isn’t going to cost you upwards of 500 dollars, then either one of these blenders is the way to go.

Not only are they the most cost-effective Vitamix blenders currently on the market, but they also offer some of the same features that some of Vitamix’s most expensive models do.

Optimized To Remain Cool

By far one of the biggest benefits of both of these blender models is that they have both been built with cooling systems to help prevent overheating.

For this reason, both the Vitamix E310 and the Vitamix E320 come with their very own built-in radial cooling fans that will help to keep the motor cool while in use, and even come with additional thermal sensors that are able to automatically turn off the blender if they sense that the blender is becoming too hot.

Plus, to ensure maximum safety and optimal service life, if one of these blenders is triggered to automatically shut off, then the user will need to wait a period of 20 minutes before they are able to turn the blender back on and resume blending. 

Functional Designs

Another similarity between these two blenders is their functional designs. Despite their price differences, both of these blenders are completely identical in their designs, and the main reason for this is because they come from the same blender series.

For this reason, you will notice that both blenders come with a wider pitcher design to ensure smoother textures, powerful motors that have been optimized to remain cool, as well as sound-muffling features, to help reduce the overall sound of the motor and blades crushing up the foods while in use.

It should also be noted that thanks to their versatile yet durable designs, both of these Vitamix blenders are a great option for those who are wanting to make smoothies, protein shakes, hot soup, and plenty more.

Speed Settings

Both the E310 and the E320 offer the exact same speed settings, despite their slightly different price points.

Ensuring that both models are ideal for blending a variety of different foods to create salsa, soup, smoothies, and more – both blenders feature ten-speed settings that will allow you to vary the texture and have complete control over the consistency!

Vitamix E310 And Vitamix E320: Differences

So, now that we’ve talked you through some of the main similarities between these two types of blenders, next up we’re going to be talking you through some of their differences. Let’s take a look at them below:

Pitcher Size Variations:

Upon first glance, you’ll notice that one of the largest differences between the two blenders is their pitcher size. While the older Vitamix E310 has a pitcher that is 48 ounces in size and wider in shape, the slightly more upgraded E320 comes with a larger container that is 64 ounces in size.

For this reason, if making large batches in one go is particularly important to you, then we recommend that you consider purchasing the E320, as it is better suited for serving this need. 

It should also be noted that, due to the smaller size of the E310, it’s far easier to store than the E320, which is much bulkier in design.

Due to this, if you were to opt for the E320, you might find it harder to store in kitchen cabinets due to its larger size, so you would likely need to keep the blender on your countertop, whereas the E310 could fit inside cabinets with ease.

Blade And Motor Power

Despite both of these blenders being extremely adept at blending a variety of different foods (including whole fruits, vegetables, and even cubes of ice) it should be noted that the E320 offers a 10% increase in blending power thanks to slightly larger blades and a slightly more powerful motor.

Alongside this, it is also worth keeping in mind that the Vitamix E320 also comes with slightly larger blades (due to the larger design of the blender) which will mean that it is able to offer a quicker and more efficient blending performance over the E310.

Due to this, we recommend considering the E320 if you’re interested in making an investment in a powerful yet reliable blender, as well as if you live a busy lifestyle and want to keep blending times to a minimum. 

Nevertheless, while this may be the case, the E310 still offers fantastic performance, and features a powerful motor and blade system that will be able to blend whatever you throw at it!

Wrapping Up: Which One Is Best?

So, there we have it! You’ve made it to the end of our review. After reading through this guide, we’re hoping that you now have a much better understanding of which Vitamix blender is the best option for you. All in all, both blenders offer pretty similar performance, even though the E320 is slightly more powerful than the E310. 

Nevertheless, given the fact that the E320 comes with a far larger pitcher size than the E310, we recommend opting for it if you are wanting to prepare large batches at once, or if you have a larger family and want to prepare foods for more than one person.

However, if you’re torn between these two blenders and want plenty of power, then we recommend opting for the E310 – because it offers a near-identical performance to the E320, and is slightly more affordable, too.

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