Nutribullet 900 Review

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If you are looking for a personal blender, you’ll probably recognize the name Nutribullet.

The question is, does the Nutribullet live up to all of its hype? We decided to find out.

We tested the Nutribullet Pro 900 this week to find out how good it really is. And, thankfully, we were very impressed.

This is a top-quality machine. It makes blending smoothies an absolute breeze and has enough power to perform multitasking when required. As with any Nutribullet product, there was a great deal of hype with this Pro 900 model.

While the advertisements for this blender made us believe it would benefit our health, we were quite surprised by how efficient it is at breaking down seeds and stems from a variety of nutritious ingredients into healthy, tasty smoothies.

While there are many positives with the Nutribullet Pro 900, there are some negative aspects. To help you decide whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash, we have compiled an in-depth review below.

Remember, under all the Nutribullet hype, this is just another blender. But, let’s find out if it’s the perfect blender for you or whether you should go elsewhere for your smoothie needs.

Nutribullet Pro 900


Thel Nutribullet Pro 900 series comes with 13 pieces and has a powerful 900-watt motor.

The 15 pieces include two 24-ounce cups, a 32-ounce cup, an 18-ounce cup, various lids, and two blade attachments for precise blending. Compared to the original Nutribullet blender, you have a lot more options with this Pro 900 blender such as additional large cups and carrying lid selections. 

Cups And Blades

We found the jars were very useful and well designed with the 900 series. The mouths of each jar measure the same circumference meaning you can fit any lid onto any jar.

As well as this, the blades fit superbly. There is no time wasting and fiddling with the machine. Within five minutes, you can set the Nutribullet up and get it running. The blades are highly impressive as they also act as lords to the containers.

Once you have added your ingredients to the container, you simply screw the blades to the top, flip it over, and place the Nutribullet on its base. Then, it’s simply a matter of pushing the pulse button or turning it clockwise to the “on” position. 

Another dominating feature of the 900 is its larger jar. This 32-ounce jar not only packs in more ingredients than ever before but is capable of blending more tightly packed ingredients.

Compared to the 24-ounce container of the Nutri Ninja, there is quite a significant difference in how many ingredients you can cycle.

On top of this, the additional lids and other small pieces were a great bonus. We can only see these extra features being an issue if you do not possess much storage or have a small kitchen space. 


While there are some key differences between the Nutribullet 900 series, its predecessors, and the popular Nutri Ninja, the high quality is evident with all.

As with the Ninja, the Pro 900 is easy to clean but, due to being designed for travel purposes, the Pro 900 can be a little tricky to wipe clean when using thicker ingredients.

The ingredients can blend together and build upon the sides of the containers which is difficult to scrape off. You will have to flip the cup over, unscrew the lid, scrape, wash, then reassemble the whole kit again.

If you’re blending a few ingredients within one recipe, this can become a bit of a nuisance and inconvenience.


For all of its benefits and advantages, the Nutribullet does lack in some areas. For instance, the speed choices on offer were quite disappointing. Because there are no buttons to use, you have limited options (on or off). While this means the device looks sleek and stylish, it seems like a step back in the design of the 900.

Having said that, slower speeds are not always such a bad thing as the slower the blender, the better it can be at cycling ingredients on its first pass. 

Of course, a quicker machine will do the job in less time. Also, pesto can be a bit of a nightmare with the Pro 900. You may need to mix it around a few times after blending to achieve the consistency you desire.

For the biggest ingredients, we recommend placing them on top first. Remember, you will have to flip the container 180 degrees for its starting position between preparation and blending. The majority of these ingredients will, therefore, hit the blades as soon as you place it into position for blending.

Instructions And Recipes

Back to the positives again and we have to mention the plentiful supply of pamphlets that come with the Pro 900 model. Inside of these is detailed instructions and information on healthy eating. In other words, Nutribullet is telling you how using one of its products will change your life for the better.

Included are “Life-changing Recipes” that help you get on the road to your health kick and are very useful if you’re unsure what to make at first.

Other pieces of information included are just general health guides. The actual instructions on how to use the machine are a little minimal for our liking. But, due to its simple design, Nutribullet is pretty confident you will get to grips with it before long. 

Once you have read the little information there is on the actual product, you dive straight back into recipes such as “NutriBlasts.” This is a smoothie concocted by Nutribullet. It consists of greens and berries that can be made in a few different ways (all are detailed in the information).

This is the main part of the diet plan included to help you get started with healthy eating and drinking. Just don’t expect a burst of flavors with this smoothie as it’s pretty bland. 

When it comes to how healthy the Nutribullet 900 can make food, it’s mainly down to its hyped-up “Nutrient Extraction Process.” This simply refers to the product’s ability to break down seeds and steams before mixing them into your beverage.

Therefore, you will not miss out on any additional nutrients from the ingredient’s pulp. Although there are undoubtedly a lot of health benefits from using this pulp, most modern blenders are capable of extracting the same amount and pulverizing ingredients.

Yes, the Nutribullet is very good at creating this pulp but the process is no different or more thorough than that of other modern blenders.

All in all, the Nutribullet Pro 900 is a well-built machine but it does fall short on some design features. Therefore, it can not be regarded as a proper “all-purpose” machine. Nevertheless, it is great for those on the go and in a hurry and, to be fair, this is what it was made for.

We just got tired of the excessive ads that were directed at us once we had purchased the Nutribullet. These get a bit excessive and seem like a bombardment. You can choose to stop receiving updates via email if preferred, however.   

We loved the recipes included in the accompanying booklets and think they will be helpful for many starting out with their first blender.

There is no doubt the Nutribullet 900 is a great tool to help you lose weight and become healthier but the same goes for all blenders. Without the standard diet and exercise to go along with the healthy smoothies, you will not achieve the results you may desire. 


The performance of a new blender is always key. Not only should it perform well in the moment but it should also be durable and perform well over an extended period.

Unfortunately, consumer reports found that the Nutribullet Pro 900 series blades tend to break under high-pressured extended use. Multiple tests were undertaken where large ice cubes were blended to simulate long-term use. The blades broke on two models. 

We decided to try the same test and, thankfully, the blades held up well. Just keep this in mind when using your blender as too many stressful tasks over an extended period could damage the blades. 

In Summary 

We found the Nutribullet 900 to be a reliable, robust, and powerful single-serving blender. If you want quick and easy smoothies, the Pro 900 series will deliver every time.

Just be prepared to get stuck in at some points to mix the ingredients around as they don’t always blend so easily. And, don’t use any hot liquids as the device is not compatible. 

If you want a capable blender that achieves most of what it promises, the Nutribullet Pro 900 is worth considering. But, it’s not a stand-out performer like we had hoped. 

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