Best Thin Waffle Maker for 2022

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Even though Belgian waffles are very popular today, there are still many who likes the traditional thin waffles. Just like the way our moms and grandmas used to make them!

Nothing beats a freshly baked waffle for breakfast. Think Eggo, but way better.

All you need is a good thin waffle maker. But a good thin waffle maker is hard to come by these days.

The good news?

We’ve shortlisted and reviewed our top picks for the best thin waffle maker so you don’t have to search further.

Top Picks for the Best Thin Waffle Maker

Let’s check out which thin waffle maker suits you best!

How to Choose the Right Waffle Maker?

First of all, do you have a strong preference of how you like your waffles to be?

If you do have a clear preference as to whether you like your waffles done the thick Belgian style or thin Classic style, be sure to select the correct waffle maker style to avoid disappointment.

Thin waffles are also called Traditional, American or Classic style waffles. They are thinner (typically around 0.5″ thick) and crispier compared to the Belgian waffles.

The waffle pattern of the classic waffle maker has more pockets than the Belgian waffle grid. The pockets are also shallower. These 2 features give the classic waffle the crunch and allows for more even distribution of the butter and syrup.

A good thin waffle maker is one that consistently deliver golden brown waffles that are crispy on the outside and chewy inside. Just as importantly, it should be easy to use, clean and store.

After all, waffles are one of the best breakfast foods and the waffling process should be nothing short of pleasant and quick.

The majority of the waffle plates today are non-stick and non-removable. This is not an issue for me as long as waffles release cleanly from the non-stick plates.

However, if you do prefer to still have the option of taking the waffle grid out to clean thoroughly, you’ll need to pay attention as most of the waffle irons with removable plates are Belgian style.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best thin waffle maker. If you prefer Belgian style waffles, do check out our reviews of our favorite flip Belgian waffle makers.

#1 – All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker – Best Overall

The All-Clad waffle maker embodies performance and aesthetic.

It is beautifully crafted with its polished stainless-steel finish and solid construction.

Looks aside, All-clad is able to make extra crispy classic waffles thanks to its patented steam release system that prevents condensation build-up. During the cooking, you will notice steam spewing out from the sides.

What are the benefits of the steam release system?

1. Faster baking time.

2. Waffle plates recover heat faster so you can start baking your next waffle faster.

3. Leaves your waffle crispy and toasty on the outside while keeping it soft and fluffy on the inside.

Each waffle is assured to be evenly browned due to their advanced heating technology.

You can customize the waffles to your own likings by turning the control knob. There are 7 browning settings for you to choose from, with 1 being light and soft to 7 being darker and crisper.

IMPORTANT: This All-Clad Classic Round Waffler Maker makes 0.5 inch thick classic waffles with 6.5” diameter. DO NOT mistake it with another Belgian waffle maker model – the All-Clad Stainless Steel 4-Square Belgian Waffle Maker.

The All-Clad waffle maker comes equipped with light and audible indicators to let you know when the waffle iron is ready for use and when the waffle is cooked.

I love the audible alarm as you won’t have to be standing by the waffle maker to watch for the indicator light. You can sit down and eat with the family while the waffle cooks without fearing that it gets burnt.

There is also no need to keep popping the lid open to check the progress. In fact, opening up the waffle maker too early can cause the under-cooked batter to stick.

Waffle making with All-Clad is generally mess free. The waffle releases beautifully from the non-stick waffle grids so it is really easy to clean. There is also a trough to collect any overflow.

Weighing 3 Ibs, stowing it in and out of the cabinets can feel like a mini-workout. If you have sufficient space, this is definitely a good-looking addition to the countertop due to its polished stainless-steel look. However, you will need to treat it with care not to scratch the polished stainless-steel exterior to maintain its unblemished look.

Otherwise, the lid can be locked for easy and more compact upright storage.

The biggest problem with All-Clad is that the external stainless-steel surface (other than the handle) can get really hot. This would probably be a deal breaker for me if I have kids.


  • Sturdy and quality feel.
  • Polished stainless-steel exterior gives it a sleek look.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Indicator lights and audible beeps to alert you when pre-heating is complete and when the waffle is fully cooked.
  • Easy to adjust browning settings. Simply turn the dial knob to select from the 7 settings.
  • The cast-die handle is comfortable and stays cool.
  • Waffles release readily from the non-stick waffle plates.
  • Easy to clean. There is a trough around the waffle grid to collect any overflow, hence preventing the batter from spilling out.
  • It can be stored vertically so you can slide it into smaller storage to save space. There are locking pins at the sides to keep the lids shut.
  • The cords can be wound around the base for storage.

What does the lights and beeps mean?

The red light is turned on when the unit is plugged in.

When preheating is complete, the green indicator light will light up along with the audible beep to let you know that the waffle iron is heated to the desired setting. You can now pour in the batter. This usually takes 5-7 minutes.

When the waffle ready, the green light will come on and is accompanied by 3 beeps.

During cooking, the green light will go on and off. This just means that the waffle plates are heated and maintained at constant temperature.


  • Pricey
  • Non-removable waffle plates
  • 3 Ibs is a tad heavy to stow in and out of cabinets.
  • You will need to need to be really careful not to touch them or use an oven mitts because the external metal surfaces and parts (except the handle) can get really hot.
  • There is no clip to hold the cord so you may have to resort to a twist closure or rubber band.

Caution: The locking pins can get very hot very quickly!

The lid should NOT be locked while the waffle is cooking as it is supposed to drift slightly upwards during the cooking. This will allow the waffle batter to rise and fully expand into the upper grids. So, don’t forget to unlock the locking pins (which is used to lock the lids during storage) before you switch on the waffle maker.

#2 – Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker – Best Value

The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker is probably the cheapest waffle maker you can find that makes you a full-sized thin waffle.

It’s not fancy. It does just one function.

But most importantly, it does it well.  

For the price, you get to select from 5 different browning settings. The waffles release readily from the non-stick waffle irons, which makes cleaning easy.

And if you don’t make waffles very often, this price point also makes it a good buy for occasional use.

It is a breeze to store and retrieve from cabinets due to its lightweight and small footprint. It takes up minimal storage space as it can stored vertically. The unit can stand on one end and the lids stay latched. The cords can be coiled and held in place under the bottom.

This budget waffle maker does make quality classic waffles that matches those of higher priced tags.

However, the low-cost also comes with some drawbacks and compromises. The quality of construction feels more flimsy. While it does comes with light indicators, the lack of audible alerts is sorely missed.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with instructions and recipes
  • Non-stick waffle plates, making it easy to clean.
  • Easy to use. The 5 browning settings can be easily selected using the sliding dial.
  • Rubber feet
  • Light indicator
  • The unit can be stored upright and the cords can be wrapped under the bottom neatly. There’s a groove on the side of the waffle maker to secure the plug prongs for neat and compact storage.


  • Lack of sound alerts
  • The indicator lights are too low, so it is not very visible from a distance.
  • The gray slider for browning setting is made of cheap plastic. The plastic piece looks like it could come off easily but you should still be able to engage the switch for the browning settings even if it falls off.
  • In the event of batter overflowing and oozing over the edge, there’s a chance the batter might get into the groove that house the slider lever.
  • Hinge and front handle looks wobbly.
  • The waffle plates are not removable.

Tips for better cooking results

I find it is interesting that the Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker gets rather polarized reviews, ranging from ripped waffles sticking to the plates to having no issues with sticking.

So, I thought I could share some possible reasons for that, as well as some tips that you can try for better cooking results.

  1. Recipes matter. You do need some oil in your batter recipe to prevent sticking.
  2. Thinner batter works better for classic thin waffles, compared to the thicker batter for Belgian waffles.
  3. Make sure that you preheat the waffle grid well for the first waffle. Even if the red light turns green, it’s ok to wait a little longer before pouring in the batter.
  4. Some reviewers have suggested keeping the waffle 30-45 seconds or even up to 1 minute after the light turn green. Do test it out for your preference.
  5. Do not open the lid before the green light. Under-cooked batter will stick to the waffle plate.
  6. Be very gentle when you try to open the waffle maker. If you are met with resistance, your waffle is probably not ready and will rip if you force it open.  If the waffle iron opens with a second or two of gentle jiggle, you’re good to go.

#3 – Breville No-Mess Thin Waffle Maker – Best Splurge

Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker and All-Clad are the main competitors in the high-end waffle maker market.

This breville waffle maker is aptly named “No-Mess Waffle” because it’s the easiest to clean.

Breville came up with a thoughtful feature to tackle the biggest frustration of waffle iron clean up – removing batter splatter and overflow.

It features a non-stick circular moat that wraps around the waffle grill area to catch any batter overflowing, hence preventing the batter from oozing out from the sides onto the countertop.

While there are other models and designs to catch overflows, Breville takes it a step further.

Breville then extends the heating element on the lower plate under the moat so the excess batter gets baked into extra waffle bites.

These extra bites are SO MUCH easier to remove compared to the gooey uncooked batter mess. They can even be popped right into your mouth!


  • Non-stick PFOA-free waffle iron. The waffles release beautifully so cleaning is easy.
  • The die-cast aluminum cooking plates has better heat retention, resulting in fast and even cooking.
  • 7 brownness settings that can be adjusted using a control dial.
  • Comes with 4 handy recipes
  • Comes with sound alerts and 2 indicator lights
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Looks attractive and sleek on the counter-top
  • Can be stored in an upright position for more compact storage. There is a locking latch to keep the lids securely shut.
  • Cord can be conveniently and neatly wrapped at the bottom.
  • Other minor but thoughtful design details includes featuring a finger hole for the power plug to make it easy to plug and unplug.
  • Aesthetically I was surprised to see that the waffle maker was actually much smaller than I imagined. The sturdy base seen in the photos gave me the impression that it is a much bulkier item.


  • Most expensive waffle maker on our list
  • Bulky
  • Non-removable plate
  • Cumbersome to remove the waffle quickly

Because of the moat design, the waffle is sitting in a “well” or “sunken pit”.

To remove the waffle, you need to first lift the edge of the waffle in a similar motion as you when are prying open a tin, then slide a second spatula under the waffle to support it. Or you have a to use a spatula below and your fingers to support from the top, which isn’t ideal for serving.

Basically, removing the waffle is not a single-handed operation. It is a bit more cumbersome to remove the waffle quickly compared to most waffle machines.

If you are using a yeasted batter to make delicate waffles, that could be even more tricky to get the waffle out quickly without tearing.

Remember: you should use a silicone or wooden spatula. Do not use a metal fork as you can easily scratch the surface.

Tips for better cooking results with Beville

  1. Use half a cup batter. Even though the moat does a good job capturing the overrun. If you pour way too much batter, it will still spill out. Exact amount could differ depending on your recipe. Some could be 1/3 cup.
  2. Pour the batter in the center and spread out a little towards the edge. Ensure you have batter in all 4 quadrants as the groove dividing the 4 sections are a little deep.
  3. Thicker batter seems to work better.

#4 – Dash Mini – Best Compact

Dash mini waffle maker is the bestselling waffle maker on Amazon.

Measuring just 4 inches wide, a lack of countertop space sounds like an invalid reason for not owning a waffle maker… This waffle maker is literally palm sized!

This is perfect if you have limited spaces, such as in dorms or RVs.

I think what’s really attractive is just how cute and personalized it feels. There is such a wide array of designs to choose, ranging from single pastel or vibrant colors to patterned designs.

It makes 1 mini waffle at a time, which turns out to be its greatest charm.

It’s ease of use, ease of cleaning and small size actually gives more room for you to experiment with different recipes.

To kick start your creativity, Dash comes with a handy recipe book. Or you can check out youtube for the plethora of exciting possibilities beyond waffles – pancakes, hash brown, chaffles…

It is also cheap enough that you can even buy 2 at a time so you can make a mini waffle sandwich.

The downside is that it doesn’t come with any whistles and bells. There is no settings control and no timer. There is only 1 indicator light to let you know that the waffle grid is ready for use.

So, you will need to watch your own cooking time.

But surprisingly, the Dash Mini doesn’t burn easily even if you keep the waffle inside a couple of minutes longer than what you are supposed to.

Despite the low price tag and a toy-like look, the Dash Mini delivers delicious evenly cooked waffles.

If you are thinking that a mini waffle maker can help you eat less… think twice. It can be so addictive that it is easy to forget just how much you have eaten.


  • Cheap
  • Small footprint
  • Wide variety of colors and stylish design
  • Indicator light to alert you when the waffle iron is ready for use.
  • Simple to use. Simply plug in the unit and wait for the pre-heat light to light up before pouring the batter.
  • Makes one mini waffle at a time, which is great for experimenting recipes, making small snacks and personal use.
  • Cooks the waffle evenly and thoroughly, but does not burn easily.
  • Waffles release readily from the non-stick plate. So there is minimal mess once you have learnt to gauge the amount of batter to use to prevent an overflow.


  • No control over browning settings
  • You will have to watch the cooking time on your own. There are no timer or indicators to alert you when the waffle is fully cooked
  • Non-removable waffle plate
  • Not for feeding a crowd

#5 – Euro Cuisine Eco Friendly Waffle Maker– Best heart waffle maker

Heart shaped waffles are traditional sweet treats in Scandinavia.

Compared to the American version, they are thinner and softer. Instead of breakfast, these heart shaped waffles are typically enjoyed over a cup of coffee in the afternoon or evening, often slathered with sour cream and strawberry jam, butter and jam, or brown cheese.

The good news is that you don’t have to be in Olso to enjoy them.

If you are a fan of Norwegian waffles, you can make it at home with the Euro Cuisine Heart Shaped Waffle Maker.

The waffle thickness is just right… not too thick, and not as thin as waffle cones.

The Euro Cuisine waffle maker is also sometimes called the 5 of hearts waffle maker. It makes one large floral shaped waffle measuring about 8 inches wide, with 5 heart-shaped sections. You can then easily divide the waffle into 5 pieces of nice little heart snacks.

These mini heart waffles are best enjoyed with your hands!

Even if you are new to Norwegian waffles, there’s always an occasion that calls for these sweetheart waffles.

For the romantics, what’s a better way of showing your love by serving these cute heart shaped waffles? A heart waffle maker also makes a great housewarming gift, especially for newly weds.

However, if you are looking to make classic American style waffles that are heart-shaped, do check out our review on the Holstein Heart Waffle Maker.


  • PTFE and PFOA free non-stick coating
  • Waffle releases readily and beautifully
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be easily stored in cabinet as the unit can stand vertically for compact storage.
  • Easy to adjust temperature setting
  • Indicator “ready” light to indicate to you when the pre-heating is complete and the waffle iron is ready for use.


  • No on/off switch
  • Absence of visible and audible alerts to indicate when the waffle is done. The “ready” light goes on and off during the cooking, and is not an indicator of doneness of the waffle. So you will need to time and watch the cooking time yourself.
  • The external surface gets really hot so you will need to be careful to only touch the insulated parts.

Uneven heating?

There have been some complaints about uneven heating. There are a couple of things you can troubleshoot, such as the amount of batter, type of batter and temperature. Thinner batter works better.

Check out this Norwegian Waffle recipe

#6 – Black and Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker – Best thin waffle maker with removable plates (if you really insist on one)

It’s hard to find traditional waffle irons these days as the market is dominated by Belgian waffle makers. Options are even more limited when you are looking for traditional waffle makers with removable plates.

The Black and Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker G48TD is a rare one that fits the bill. It can even double up as a griddle and sandwich press, allowing you to cut back on the number of small kitchen appliances.

The waffle plates can be easily removed and reversed to give a flat griddle surface.

You can use it as closed griddle to grill hamburgers, make grilled cheese sandwiches, panini and quesadillas.

Alternatively, you use it as an open griddle to cook pancakes, bacons, eggs and French toast. The unique hinge allows the top to open flat to give you 2 large cooking surfaces (each measuring 8×8 inches).

Its large capacity and versatility makes it perfect for making breakfasts to feed a large family.

The 3-in-1 waffle maker idea is really superb and it looks just like the old-fashioned waffle iron my grandma had 20 years ago. Indeed, this G48TD model has been around for ages. Black and Decker is also a trusted household brand.

Unfortunately, it does seem that in recent years, the quality and construction is no longer the same as before.

We’ve included this Black and Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker in our review, largely because there is a lack of options when it comes thin waffle maker with removable plates. However, due to the concerns about quality, we would suggest you take a look at it only if you REALLY insist on a thin waffle iron with removable plates.


  • Great for large families
  • Makes 4 traditional square waffles, measuring 0.5 inch thick and 4×4 inches.
  • Removable waffle plates so that you can wash the plates.
  • The plates are reversible so you can switch between using it as a waffle iron or griddle plate. It is easy to remove, turn over and reattach the plates.
  • 180 degree hinge allows the top to open flat to give 2 large cooking surfaces which can cook up to 8 servings. Each cooking surface measures 8×8 inches.
  • Grease runoff channel on the griddle plates.
  • Non-stick surfaces make for easy cleaning.
  • Can be stored upright
  • Cords can be wrapped around for storage


  • The unit looks flimsy and cheaply made.
  • Non-stick coating is made from teflon.
  • Even though the plates are removable, they are not dishwasher safe.
  • Temperature controls are rudimentary, just low/medium/high.
  • No digital and audio timer.
  • The external metal surface is very hot as there is no insulation between the heating element and the metal shell. You need to very careful and to only touch the handles, or else you can get burnt.

What Are Our Concerns?

Our biggest concern is the complaints about the non-stick plates not being held in place securely by the flimsy clips, and falling off.

The retainer clips holding the plates in place are pretty flimsy and shoddy. It only consist of a small piece of bent metal on the side of the opening and 2 tabs on the hinge side. As the plates do not fit snuggly and the metal clips are thin, it’s possible that over time the heat warps the thin metal causing the plates to pop out of place.

Some users managed to manually bend the clips to secure but some have tried to no avails.

We view this as more than just a source of frustration.

It is a safety concern as it can extremely dangerous, potentially causing very painful and serious burns if the hot waffle plate becomes loose and falls off when you open the lid.

What’s Next?

Options for thin waffle makers are more limited compared to the Belgian waffle makers. Hopefully this article has helped to shed more insights on what’s the best thin waffle maker for you.

The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker is the best bang for the buck and compact for a full-sized thin waffle. If you are ok to spend more for a waffle maker that looks sleek and packed with more features, then the All-Clad is the one for you. And if you would like to splurge, the Breville No-Mess waffle maker would be the upgrade pick so you can enjoy a mess-free waffling experience with some extra waffle bites to go.

The Dash Mini waffle maker is best for personal use and experimenting new recipes. Its palm-sized dimension leaves you with no excuse for not having a waffle maker. It’s perfect for dorms and RVs, but definitely not for feeding a crowd. If you are looking to make Norwegian waffles or simply make some sweet mini heart shaped waffles for your loved ones, you’ll enjoy the Euro Cuisine Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker.

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