Best Portable Blender (Cordless) for 2022

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I have to admit that I’m new to portable blenders. I wasn’t even aware that there exist a range of blenders specially designed for travel until recently.

After witnessing what they can do, I’m immediately enthused by the possibilities and conveniences of making smoothies on-the-go using one of these travel blenders. And yes, frozen blended drinks too!

But if you have a Vitamix at home, I have to warn you first.

Well, something’s gotta give. Sacrifice has to be made on the motor size and power, in order for the portable blender to be lightweight and compact. So, these portable blenders are not going to be as powerful or smooth as the Vitamix countertop blenders.

However, I am very impressed by blending capabilities of the portable blenders that we have shortlisted here… more so given that they are cordless!

Depending on how you intend to use the portable blender, you might value different features differently.

Ultimately, the best portable blender is the one that truly suits your needs and lifestyle.

Here’s our top picks for the Best Portable Blender (Cordless):

Let’s get started to find the right one for you!

Why do you need a portable blender?

Bullet blenders are relatively compact countertop blenders with high rated power. They are great for personal use, but not truly portable due to their weight and the need to be plugged in.

My criteria for portability include:

  • Lightweight and compact so that it is easy to carry around.
  • Preferably to run on rechargeable batteries so that you make smoothies on-the-move even when you have no access to power supply.
  • Easy to clean (ps. some of the travel blenders have self-cleaning features!).

Different people may have different reasons for wanting a portable blender.

A portable blender bottle typically looks like a bottle or shaker, but comes with a motor and blade. What I love most about it is that you can just grab it, blend your drink as you go and drink straight from the bottle. This is especially useful if you are busy and constantly on-the-move or when you are travelling and need a quick but nutritional meal.

You can even make a smoothie at your work desk, which is a great alternative to (unhealthy) snacking.

If smoothie is a big part of your lifestyle, bringing along a portable travel blender when you go on vacations ensure that your healthy eating habits are not disrupted.

It can also a great addition to your kitchen, even if you are not on vacation.

A regular countertop blender can be a pain in the neck to clean, especially if you are just making a single serving smoothie for yourself. With a mini blender bottle, you don’t have to deal with hauling the whole bulky blender out of the cabinets, cleaning and storing it as it takes up virtually zero counter space.

If you are looking to start a new routine of making smoothies for breakfast, this can be a great starting point as it can greatly simplify the routine, making this new habit easier to start and stick.

And because a portable blender bottle makes just the right size for single servings, it’s an instant portion control! You no longer have to worry about unintentionally throwing too much calories into the blender (such as a Vitamix).

If you are new to portable blender, here are some of the possibilities where it could serve great value:

  • Making healthy smoothies at your desk at work
  • Healthy and convenient breakfast on-the- go
  • Taking it to the gym to make pre/post workout shakes
  • Travelling
  • Outdoors – camping, beach, tailgate parties (think frozen margaritas)
  • Making pureed baby food while travelling

Portable blender bottles are great but they tend to be less powerful than their plugged-in peers. So if you need something really powerful and you are travelling to/staying in places where you are guaranteed a power supply, then you might want to consider a plugged-in portable blender.

Typically, the weight of a powerful blender is in the range of 4Ibs. But you can look out for portable plugged-in blenders that are compactly designed so that they take up less space in your luggage.

Features to Consider

Weight and Size

Bottle blenders tend to weigh in the range of 1Ibs. If you need a really powerful portable blender, the weight could be in the range of 4Ibs.


Tend to be single serving (or max 2), ranging from 14-20 oz.

Ease of Cleaning

Some bottle blenders have self-cleaning features that are not possible with typical countertop blenders.

Simply put in some water and dishwashing liquid into the blender jar, and let it blend. You’ll be surprised how clean the sides and top of the bottle are wiped down.

Material of the blender cup

Most portable blender bottles are made of plastic. Options tend to be more limited if you are conscious about using glass instead of plastic, and they tend to cost more.

Power supply: Cordless (Battery-operated) or Plugged-in

As you don’t always have access to power mains when you are travelling, battery-operated portable blenders provide more flexibility. You can just it almost anywhere if you have it charged-up before hand. On the other hand, plugged-in blenders tend to be more powerful.

Key considerations about battery-operated blenders include:

  • How long can the charge hold? How many blends can you make per charge?
  • Is it USB-rechargeable or does it require wall charging?
  • Can you use the blender while it is charging?

USB rechargeable blenders are more convenient compared to wall charging. Even when you are travelling , you don’t have to worry about any hassle or compatibility issues.

A long battery life allows you to use the blender for multiple blends (or even multiple days) without charging. It can be quite a nuisance to be recharging it after every 1 or 2 blends.

#1: PopBabies Personal Smoothie Blender – Best portable blender bottle

This was the first portable blender to catch my eyes. And after reviewing so many portable travel blenders, I still stand by PopBabies.

The PopBabies Personal Smoothie Blender looks just like your regular water bottle, but with a motorized base and switch button.

It is a truly lightweight, compact and portable blender that allows you to make smoothies and shakes on-the go as it runs on USB-rechargeable batteries. Compared to its USB-rechargeable peers, PopBabies have one of the most powerful blending motor. The smoothie texture is awesome.

Perfect for Smoothies and Shakes On-the-Go

If you are always in the rush in the morning, you can literally throw the ingredients into the bottle and let it blend while you run out of the door. Or you can blend it in the car and drink while you commute.

Moreover, you no longer have to worry about the blender noise waking up your family in the morning.

Simply prepare the ingredients (cutting and freezing fruits and veggies) the night before. In the morning, you can just put the ingredients directly into the blender cup or store them in a ziploc bag or container until you need it.

The best part about making the smoothie just before you drink is that it tastes delicious. Do you realize that when you make the smoothie at home, it would have separated by the time you reach the office?

When you are ready to blend, simple press the power button. Each blending cycle is 20 seconds. but feel free to blend for longer until you get your perfect smoothie texture.

You can drink directly from the bottle where you put the ingredients in to blend, so you really only have 1 item to clean. Not to mention, it’s super easy to clean!

Self-cleaning blender?

Pour some dishwashing liquid and water into the blender and turn it on to let it blend. Rinse off the water and check out how clean it is!

If you are worried about accidentally pressing on the power button, you can detach and keep the the motor base and the bottle separately in your bag. The base of the bottle is not very big so it can fit snuggly into the side pockets of a backpack.

I like that there is the flexibility to detach the bottle from the base. It makes it even lighter if you just want to bring the blended drink along for hikes or walks.

Popbabies also have a long battery life. When fully charged, you can make about 18 smoothies. What’s nice is that it can also be used while charging (not all blenders can).

What I appreciate about PopBabies

The bottle features a relatively small opening, which has its pros and cons. Generally, I find it easier to drink from a narrow bottle opening than a wide one. However, there’s a higher tendency for spillage when throwing in the ingredients.

What I appreciate about PopBabies is that they’ve clearly considered these potential problems and came out with solutions to help improve the user experience. The package comes with a silicon funnel so that you can fill the ingredients without spillage. There is also a silicon ice tray so you can make the necessary tiny ice cubes which you can’t do with the regular ice trays.

PopBabies have gone to great lengths to explain how to use best use the product, how it would fail, what to avoid and troubleshooting tips. So I strongly recommend that you read through their manual.

Tips to better use the PopBabies Blender

Popbabies recommend that you cut the fruits into smaller sizes of 1 inch and use small ice cubes instead of regular-sized ones. This can help with the crushing to give smoother texture.

In fact, this applies to all portable travel blenders (not just popbabies) as they tend to have smaller power rating compared to a Vitamix countertop blender.

To prevent overflow, you should always fill to less than 2/3 of the bottle. The bottle comes with clear measurement markings, so be sure not to overfill.

However, the blender cup is not big. Hence, depending on what you are blending, you might need to blend in steps. Don’t fill it to the top at the beginning. You can always add more after it has been blended down a little.

To start the blending, turn the bottle upside down first before pressing the start button. This is to avoid the blades from getting stuck. Then slowly turn it over and give it a few shakes.

If your mixture too thick and the blade stop you can thin it with some liquids, or just wait a little and give it a shake and press again.

What is it good for?

The PopBabies portable blender works well for

  • Protein shakes
  • Powdered supplements, such as wheat grass, beet root or greens powders
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Fruits and veggies. Frozen fruits work fine too but do cut them into small pieces.
  • Small ice cubes

You can also add water or any liquid you like. Personally I like a plant based milk, such as oat milk.

If you have been using a shaker for your protein shakes or powdered supplements, but never quite like the taste and texture, you should really give this a try… You’ll find that it tastes much better. The powder gets completely mixed in seconds to give you a really smooth texture.

Wait… There are 2 versions of PopBabies Portable Blenders?

On Amazon, you will find 2 versions of the PopBabies.

In the original version, the base housing the blade is not detachable from the bottle. I like it this way as I don’t have to worry about not screwing the base tight enough and causing a leak.But it also mean that you’ll need a brush bottle to clean the blender thoroughly if there is any food stuck around the blades.

For those who prefer to take everything apart to clean, you’ll like the updated version.

The base of the bottle (with the blades) is now detachable so that it is easier for thorough cleaning. The downside is that there are more parts for you to put together and hard to twist and separate the blade base and the bottle. However, PopBabies have made the extra efforts to indicate markings to ensure that you align the pieces properly.


  • Powerful for a small blender. Able to crush ice and blend frozen fruits.
  • Can drink directly from the bottle
  • Blender bottle can be detached easily from the base.
  • Easy to clean due to its self-cleaning feature. Cleans well with a baby bottle cleaner.
  • The blender bottle is dishwasher safe. DO NOT wash the base housing the motor.
  • Clear measurement markings on the bottle
  • Comes with a silicon pouring spout and mini ice tray.
  • Battery is USB re-chargeable, and the USB cord is included.
  • Can be used while charging.
  • Good battery life. Glowing red light while charging and turns blue when its fully charged.
  • Fits snuggly into the side pockets on backpacks
  • Doesn’t seem to have issues on picking up tastes and stains
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Durable plastic bottle.
  • Easy to carry handle on the bottle cap.


  • Narrow opening is more prone to spillage when throwing in ingredients (such as powder)
  • Some preparation is needed to cut the fruits and veggies into smaller sizes.
  • Relatively small capacity of 14 oz.
  • There is no indicator to warn you that battery level Is low. It can be annoying when you are ready to blend and suddenly the light flashes red and you can’t blend. The good thing is that it can be used while plugged in/charging.

Key Specifications

  • Max Power: 175W
  • Motor: 7.4V, 22000 rmp +/- 15%
  • Power supply: 2 Lithium batteries, USB-Rechargeable 5V
  • Battery volume: 4000mAh
  • Blade: 4 leaves built-in blade, made of 304 Stainless steel
  • Temperature: below 212︒F
  • BPA-free plastic

Key Dimensions

  • Capacity: 17oz for bottle size and 14oz for available volume
  • Cup Weight: 0.49 lb
  • Cup Dimension: 3.2×3.2×6.1”
  • Blender Weight: 1.3 lb
  • Blender Dimensions: 3.2×3.2×10.2”

#2: BlenderX Cordless Portable Blender – Best powerful cordless blender for outdoor parties

If there is one thing that can change your poolside or beach experience, that would be the BlenderX Cordless Portable Blender.

This cordless blender is not just portable, but super powerful. In fact, it is comparable to some plugged-in countertop blenders.

With its ability to crush full sized ice cubes, it is not just about blending smoothies and shakes without lumps.

It is now time to think about slushies, frozen margaritas or any of your favorite frozen blended drinks!

It does come with a more hefty price tag compared to other portable blenders, but for good reasons. I don’t think you can find any battery-operated blender that can rival the BlenderX in terms of crushing ice and frozen fruits. BUT, it requires wall charging. It is not USB rechargeable.

The BlenderX houses a powerful 260W motor in its stainless steel base, which explains the relatively heavy weight of 4Ibs. It also features the butterfly-style blades that are more commonly found in countertop blenders.

Perfect for Frozen Blended Drinks at Outdoor Parties

The BlenderX functions just like a plugged-in blender but it is so portable that you can take it with you when you go camping, tailgating, boating or to the beach with your friends and family.

It has a larger jar capacity of 20 oz so you can make 2 servings per blend. The battery life is pretty decent. With a 3.5 hours charge time, you can make about 20 to 30 blends per charge. Decent enough for a party I guess.

It comes with a travel lid. You can drink directly from the travel jar. Alternatively, you can always pour the drink out to another cups.

I also like that it’s so easy to purchase extra accessories, such as additional blender jars!

What’s also nice is that the BlenderX comes with a waterproof bag and blade cover, so that it is really convenient to carry it around.

BlenderX has plenty of power to make frozen margaritas and any of your favorite frozen blended drinks out on a sandbar this summer.

But really, there’s nothing to stop you from using it at home to make your daily smoothies or even blending up veggies. It works really well for green smoothies too (if you are a fan of kale and spinach).

It’s also easy to operate. Basically it’s just a press of a button to enjoy your smoothie or frozen drink.


  • Runs on re-chargeable battery
  • More powerful than the usual USB-rechargeable portable blenders
  • Larger capacity of 20 Oz (approximately 2 servings per blend)
  • Easy to operate – just 1 button/1 speed
  • Long battery life
  • Durable
  • Slim blender cup is compact to store and pack
  • Stable due to its non-slip rubber feet and wider base
  • Stylish look with its stainless steel base and flared design
  • Comes with travel lid with drinking spout so you can also drink direct from the jar
  • Comes with a waterproof storage bag and blade cover so that it’s convenient to bring it out
  • Crushes ice and frozen fruits efficiently well
  • Clear measurement markings on the jar with the minimum and maximum fill lines
  • Additional BlenderX jars with travel lid can be purchased separately


  • Bulkier and heavier
  • More expensive (but for the right reasons)
  • Requires wall charging
  • Loud
  • No indicator to show battery level
  • Needs to be charged by plugging into a wall outlet
  • Cannot be used while charging

Key Specifications

  • Max Power: 260W
  • Motor: 24V
  • Power supply: 1 Lithium ion battery, Rechargeable by wall charging
  • Blade: 4 stainless steel blades
  • BPA-free Tritan jar
  • 2 years manufacturing defect warranty

Key Dimensions

  • Capacity: 20 oz
  • Cup Height: 8.875″
  • Blender Weight: 4.3 Ibs
  • Blender Dimensions: 5.75 x 5.75 x 13″
  • Package Dimensions: 11.1×10.55×7.68″

The BlenderX Cordless Blender has a reliable warranty. So if you face issues such as the blender not holding a charge, even after following instructions to wait for the blender to be fully charged for the first use, do reach out to the manufacturer.

#3: Teami MIXit Portable Blender 2.0 – Best glass travel blender for the health conscious

If you are consciously choosing glass over plastic, Teami MIXit 2.0 is the one for you.

Similar to PopBabies, the Teami MIXit is also a portable bottle blender. The key difference is that the blender cup is made of GLASS and it looks SUPER CUTE.

It comes in 2 colors – white with baby pink accent and white with black accent. I’m sure you will be attracting the attention of your friends with either one.

The blender features 6 strong stainless steel blades that works well on fruits (including frozen fruits), veggies, herbs, powders and even ice.

Healthy Lifestyle Made Easier

Options are more limited when it comes to glass blenders. So I’m really glad to have found the Teami MIXit 2.0 as it is also very powerful and convenient to use.

You can make a delicious and healthy smoothie or powder shake in just 30 seconds.

And it’s super easy.

Just throw the cut (frozen) fruits and veggies into the glass container. Add your choice of milk (or just water), followed by powders and finally top up with more water if needed.

Double click the start/stop button to start.

This is a great safety feature as the blender won’t be blending if it is accidentally pressed.

The default cycle is 30 seconds, but you can always blend for longer if needed. To stop the blending, press the button once.

The motor and blades are really strong, so I do like that the blender is very stable while the blending is going on. At least it is not dancing on the table.

When the smoothie is ready, you can drink directly from the sport top, or unscrew the lid to drink.

The spot top is really handy as you don’t have to pour into another cup. You can also fit a reusable straw nicely into the drinking spout. There’s also a silicon stopper on the spot cover, so you don’t have to worry about spillage in your lunch bag.

Otherwise, there are many great features to make it a convenient travel blender to carry around.

The glass bottle can be detached from the base, which houses the electric motor. If you have blended your drink, removing the bottle from the base makes it even lighter to carry or drink from.

This is also another safety feature. Just in case you are worried about getting unpleasant surprises by the blender starting and stopping on its own, you can detach the 2 main parts and put them in your bag separately.

Sport Top – Like it or not?

I’m kind of conflicted about the sport top.

On one hand, it is very convenient that the sport top pops open with a push of a button, making it a one-hand operation.

However, more often than not, when the lid flicks open, a bit of smoothie gets flung out. Also, I’m not sure how long the hinge could last.

TIP: To avoid any potential mess when the lid pops open, place a finger on the lid to “slow” the opening.

But well, this is probably my only complaint about the Teami Blender.

How to clean the Teami MIXit?

Just like PopBabies, MIXit also has the ability for self-cleaning!

Simply add a little dishwashing liquid and water into the bottle, start the blender and rinse it afterwards.

However, it is still recommended that you do a deep cleaning every now and then.

The blender bottle can be dissembled into the following pieces – the lid, glass bottle and the blade base, by twisting it off. You can wash them by hand or put it in the dishwasher.

Do note that there are 2 silicone rings in the lid and blade base that can be removed for cleaning. Do not lose them! Make sure that they are completely dry before putting them back in to avoid molds.

And last but not least, NEVER put the electronic base into the dishwasher or water.

What does the different color lights mean?

Compared to PopBabies, Teami MIXit has a lot more indicator lights to inform you of the status.

  • Red (solid) light: Charging is in process
  • Green (solid) light: Unit is fully charged
  • Blue (flashing) light: The parts are well-aligned and locked in position. Blender is ready to blend.
  • Blue and Red (flashing) light: Parts are not well-aligned. Blender is not ready to blend.
  • Red (flashing) light: Blender needs to be charged, or it is overfilled.
  • Green (flashing) light: Blender is empty/idle and ready for use.

TIP: Do not fill the ingredients all the way up to the brim of the bottle. Leave about half inch from the top. Unfortunately there are no measurement markings on the bottle. But you can use the letter “I” of the Teami logo as an approximation for the mx fill line.


  • Bottle is made of glass
  • Do not absorb flavors
  • Comes with a comfortable rubber strap for easy carry
  • The blending bottle is detachable from the electronic base.
  • The bottle, sport lid and blade base can be taken apart for deep cleaning and are dishwasher-safe.
  • Easy to clean due to its self-cleaning feature.
  • Compact design – easily slide into your luggage/bag.
  • Stable when blending
  • Decent battery life – It takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge a Teami MIXit. When fully charged, it can last up to 4-6 hours.
  • Comes with free e-recipe book
  • Replacement pieces can be purchased separately
  • Different color indicator lights


  • Bits of smoothie may fling out when the pop up lid swings open
  • More expensive than its travel blender bottle peers
  • Cannot be used while charging
  • Do not have measurement markings

It is indeed more expensive. However, if you are truly trying to improve your eating habits, I believe that it will be cost-effective and will make a difference in your lifestyle in the long run.

Instead of eating instant food or even skipping breakfast when you are travelling, you can easily make a smoothie with fruits that you can purchase conveniently.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you find that the blade is stuck or that the fruits are not circulating evenly (possibly because the fruit chunks are too big), you can give your MIXit a shake, turn it upside down and restart.

Key Specifications

  • Max Power: 240 W
  • Motor: 21000-25000rmp
  • Power supply: USB-Rechargeable
  • Blade: 6 stainless steel blades, made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Temperature: Liquids below 120° F / 49°C 
  • BPA-free Glass

Key Dimensions

  • Capacity: 18.6 Oz
  • Blender Weight: 1 Ib 8 oz
  • Blender Dimensions: 3.75×3.75×10.75”

More about Teami…

Teami is a wellness lifestyle brand co-founded by Adi Arezzini, who used to struggle with wellness and digestion. Teami also sells their own supplement powers such as plant-based protein, greens superfood, collagen, matcha and prebiotic/probiotic blends, which can go well in your smoothie creations.

Final Verdict

A portable blender is not just for vacations or travelling.

I used to think that shakes are for gym-goers. But no.

If you are someone with a hectic lifestyle, portable bottle blenders like PopBabies and Teami MIXit 2.0 can really help you adopt healthier eating habits so much easier.

Both are powerful blenders, considering they are cordless and USB-rechargeable. Popbabies portable blender is cheaper but it does the job well. Just that it is made of durable BPA-free plastic and features are more basic. If you are conscious about using glass over plastic, then Teami portable blender is the one for you. It also comes with more indicator lights.

The BlenderX is another beast. Even though it runs on battery, it is just as powerful as some of the plugged in blenders and makes great frozen blended drinks (yes, frozen margaritas!). It is a game changer when it comes to camping trips, tailgate parties, boating and going to the beach with your friends and family.

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