Best Blender For Protein Shakes

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Regardless of whether you’re on a health kick or currently trying to find ways to fit a healthy, nutritious diet into your hectic lifestyle, protein shakes are a fantastic way to make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function, with minimal effort required on your end. 

If you’re currently interested in making some protein shakes for yourself, then it’s important to make sure that you’re using the best blender you can get your hands on. Without a high-quality blender, you’ll be stuck with an unsightly-looking shake filled with lumps, and nobody wants that. 

Before you throw in the protein shake towel, though, we’re here to help lend you a helping hand as you go in search of the best blender for your protein shake needs.

Below, you’ll not only find a review of the best blenders on the market, but you’ll also find a helpful buying guide that will ensure you’re able to make the best choice for you. Read on!

Best Overall: Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender

Kicking our list off we have selected the Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender, which is a blender that comes complete with a 1000 watt motor! 

Offering incredible value for money, this 1000 watt motor will not only ensure that you’re able to effortlessly blend together all of the ingredients and make nutritious protein shakes, but a motor of this strength is something that you’d typically find in a blender with a much higher price point – so it’s a steal.

Plus, made by industry favorites Ninja, the BL160 Professional Countertop Blender’s blade has been innovatively designed with Total Crushing Technology which will be able to not only offer you incomparable power but will also be able to ensure that you’re able to cut through vegetables, fruits and even ice in a matter of moments.

Another great feature that we love about the Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender is that it comes with a BPA free pitcher (which means you’ll be able to get your protein intake up with total peace of mind) as well as the additional bonus of being dishwasher friendly, so you’ll never have to go the hassle of hand-washing your blender after use ever again.

If all that wasn’t enough, the Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender also comes with an awesome XL capacity space of 72 ounces.

Thanks to that, it means that you’ll be able to fit all of your ingredients inside the pitcher with ease, regardless of whether that be whole fruits, chopped-up vegetables, or large cubes of ice. 

If you’re on the search for a reliable blender that will allow you to create healthy protein shakes time and time again, you won’t be disappointed with the Ninja BL610 Professional Countertop Blender! 


  • Large capacity: Boasting a super large pitcher size, you’ll be able to fit all of your favorite ingredients inside your blender. 
  • Powerful: Thanks to the powerful motor and innovative Total Crushing Technology, this blender will be able to effortlessly blend through even the most stubborn of fruits and vegetables.


  • Noisy: The loudness of the powerful motor might be annoying to some.

Best Value: Magic Bullet Small Blender 

On a budget? No problem. If you’re currently in the market for a protein shake blender that isn’t going to break the bank, the Magic Bullet Blender should definitely be on your radar. Let’s take a look at why below:

As soon as this blender is delivered to your door, you’ll be able to make use of 11 pieces (yes, you read that right) that consists of a blender,  blades, as well as additional accessories. Magic Bullet has even thrown in a recipe book for good measure!

As for the performance? Small but mighty, while this blender might not be as powerful as some of the other blenders on this list, the Magic Bullet Blender’s 250-watt motor will ensure that you’re able to effortlessly whip up your favorite protein shakes without a hitch.

Plus, guaranteeing a hassle-free user experience, the Magic Bullet Small Blender can be easily disabled for quick and easy cleaning, while the round, small-sized pitchers will ensure you’re able to quickly clean the inside area without missing any spots. 

All in all? Offering incredible value for money, this powerful little blender comes with everything you need to turn your nutritious protein shakes into a reality.


  • Budget-friendly: The Magic Bullet Blender is a great option for anyone wanting to get their hands on a protein shake-friendly blender that isn’t going to break the bank.
  • Easy clean-up: Thanks to this blender’s design, you can easily disassemble it when you need to clean it for total convenience. 


  • 250-watt motor: The motor might not be powerful enough for those wanting to make thick protein shakes every day.

Best Premium: Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

If you’re looking to make an investment in a blender for all of your protein shake needs, then we recommend checking out the Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender.

There’s a lot to love about the Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender! Featuring adjustable speed control, this professional-quality blender will allow you to easily adjust the speed of the blades, which will allow you to experiment with different types of textures. 

Plus, offering plenty of capacity, the Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender comes complete with 64-ounces of pitcher space, which will mean that you’ll be able to fit all of your favorite vegetables and whole fruits inside with ease.

It’s so large, in fact, that you could even prepare additional protein shakes for later in the day/week, too!

The Vitamix 5200 also comes complete with a hardened stainless steel design, which will ensure that this blender is able to handle the toughest of ingredients, while also offering you a long service life.

It also comes with a 7-year full warranty, so you can buy this blender with the peace of mind that your purchase is protected.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, prepare to be surprised, because the Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender even comes with a self-cleaning system that will do all of the hard work for you!

All you will need to do is add warm water and dish detergent, and this blender will clean itself in under a minute. Vitamix has truly covered all bases!


  • Durable: Made of aircraft-grade stainless steel, this blender will stand the test of time and be able to handle the strongest ingredients. 
  • Self-cleaning: Offering plenty of conveniences, this blender has a built-in self-cleaning function!


  • Expensive: The price point might not be suitable for all.

Best Multi-Purpose: Oster Versa 1400-Watt Blender

If you’re currently on the lookout for a blender that will allow you to create a variety of foods, not just protein shakes, then we recommend checking out the Oster Versa 1400-Watt Blender. 

Designed to offer plenty of versatility, the Oster Versa 1400-Watt Blender is an extremely powerful blender fit with a 1400-watt motor that will be able to handle the toughest of ingredients, – regardless of whether that be whole fruits, vegetables or ice.

It comes with three settings that will allow you to choose between either smoothies/protein shakes, soups or dips, and you can easily switch between the three options with just the tap of a button via the easy-to-use control pad. 

Plus, made of powerful stainless steel, the Oster Versa 1400-Watt Blender will be able to withstand regular use without any wear and tear, while its powerful blades will be able to cut through the contents of its durable pitcher at a speed of 250 miles per hour. Impressive or what?


  • Versatile: This blender can be used for a variety of different foods – not just protein shakes!
  • Stainless steel: Offering plenty of durabilities, this blender is made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that it’s going to be able to withstand general wear and tear with ease. 


  • Odor: Some people have reported that the pitcher can retain odors from the foods used.

Best On-The-Go: Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with Travel Cup And Lid

Last but certainly not least, we have selected the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with Travel Cup and Lid.

Ideal for those who lead busy lifestyles but still want to keep their protein intake high, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender comes with a convenient travel cup and lid – so you can quite literally blend and go!

Boasting a modest yet efficient 175-watt motor, this blender is the perfect option for those who are looking to make protein shakes in a pinch, as the 1 tap blending and sharp blade will ensure that you’re able to blend your favorite shakes, no matter whether you’re cutting up whole fruits or vegetables.

Plus, thanks to the small and compact design of the blender, you’ll also have the option of putting it in your bag and taking it to the office or gym with you, which is something that a larger, more traditional blender wouldn’t be able to offer you. 


  • Portability: Unlike other blenders, this one will allow users to enjoy protein shakes on the go.
  • Convenient design: This blender comes with a travel cup and included lid, so there’s no need to worry about transferring the shake from the pitcher to a glass!


  • Less powerful than a traditional blender: For those wanting a very powerful motor – this blender might not be the best option.

Best Blender For Protein Shakes: What To Keep In Mind

So, there you have it! Now that you’ve checked out our top recommendations above, we’re hoping that you’ve set your sights on one in particular so that you can begin making yummy, delicious, and nutritious protein shakes.

Nevertheless, before you go ahead and make your purchase, it’s important that you make sure that you’re taking into account a variety of important factors – let’s take a look at them below:


Before you even think about making a purchase, the first thing that you should do prior to selecting a blender is to first take the time to set out a budget.

Though it might seem obvious, many people can sometimes find themselves overlooking this step as they get caught up in the vast sea of options on the market.

However, by taking the time to set out a clear budget that you’re willing to spend prior to shopping, you’ll not only find yourself enjoying a far more seamless shopping experience, but you will also find yourself making a far wiser money spending decision. 


Another important feature that you’ll need to keep in mind when picking a blender is the blades.

Even though many people tend to think that the power capacity is one of the most important aspects of a blender, the blades are by far the most integral part of a blender’s speed and ability to slice through ingredients – so it’s a blender feature that should never be overlooked.

In addition, you will have to choose between multiple or single blades.

While both types of model design aim to serve the same purpose, multiple blades tend to give you more flexibility over what consistency and texture you want your protein shake to be, while single blades tend to be more powerful overall, and in turn, more expensive, too!


Besides your budget and blades, another extremely important factor that you should take into consideration when choosing a blender is how convenient it will be to take care of.

Even though it’s certainly no secret that blenders can be messy, that doesn’t mean that you should settle for a blender that’s going to make using it tedious and annoying. Nowadays, there are plenty of different great blenders on the market that have been specifically designed in order to cater to this issue.

For example, even though blenders vary from model to model, more and more manufacturers are creating blenders that are easily disassembled and easy to clean – which will make tidying up after making your protein shakes seamless and free of any hassle. 

Power Capacity

While power ties in extremely close to blades, we still think that it is an important feature to mention.

Generally speaking, you don’t necessarily need to have your sights set on purchasing one of the most powerful blenders on the market, because high-quality blades and a durable container can help to increase a blender’s overall efficiency.

Nevertheless, you should still try to make sure that you are opting for a blender that is going to be able to offer you at the very least 350 watts of power, as anything less than that is simply going to be far too weak – especially where protein shake making is concerned!

Blender Pitcher

Last but certainly not least, another important feature that you should take into account when deciding which blender to buy is the pitcher that it comes with. 

Even though it might not necessarily seem like one of the most important features, the container has the potential to make or break a blender, so you’ll be making a good decision not to overlook it during your buying process.

First and foremost, the shape of the container is something that you should put at the top of your priority list when shopping around for models.

Ideally, you should try and opt for rounded-rectangular containers if possible simply because they are far easier to clean than square blender containers, and are also much better at being able to create thicker consistencies. 

In addition to the shape of the blender container, we also recommend that you take into account what material it has been made out of.

The last thing that you should want to happen is to spend your hard-earned money on a blender, only to discover that its container needs to be replaced after just a few uses due to the fact that it is not durable enough to withstand regular use.

Generally speaking, the most common materials used in blender containers are either glass or plastic – so you will need to decide between the two when selecting a container.

Generally speaking, plastic containers typically tend to be the more affordable out of the two, while glass containers tend to be a little bit more expensive.

Nevertheless, while plastic containers are the best option for those who want a blender that is going to be able to withstand general wear and tear, plastic containers do have the tendency to harbor odors from the different ingredients used, which is something that you should keep in mind if you don’t want that to happen.

Alternatively, glass containers are usually far easier to clean as they don’t tend to harbor any foul odors, although it is important to keep in mind that they can break more easily than other kinds of containers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Blender For Protein Shakes?

If you’re interested in creating some yummy and nutritious protein shakes, then we’re sure you’ll be pleased to know that you can absolutely use a blender to make a protein shake.

When selecting which blender to use to make your protein shakes in, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using a high-quality blender that features fast blades and an easy-to-use container – otherwise, you might find yourself having a hard time getting all of the ingredients to become a smooth, delicious and drinkable consistency. 

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