About Us

Hi there!

I’m Noa.

I’m not a master chef nor a professional homemaker.

But I hope to share my journey in finding the right home & kitchen appliances to help make everyday life easier… so you can start to really enjoy life!

As a research analyst by profession, putting in 10-12 hours a day is the norm for me. Needless to say, I had little time for much else.

The situation didn’t improve after I got married. My husband’s job was equally demanding, stressful and require long commuting.

We were just too exhausted on a week night.

With both of us busy working, cleaning is the last thing on our mind. Even cooking a simple meal in the evening seem tiresome, just thinking about the cleaning that follows.

We’d let the house get dirty over the week and try to be OK with it. Household cleaning would then consume the weekends.

But over time, it became a point of stress for both of us.

Not having enough time to ourselves.

It felt like we were just trying to play catch up with life, without fully enjoying it.

Sounds familiar?

Just when we decided that enough is enough and something has to change, some things changed.

Life is more than work.

Having to spend the large part of the past year working from home facilitated this change.

Suddenly we are spending almost all our time at home.

There was no more time wasted on commuting but we also found ourselves burning out. Being workaholics, work started earlier in the mornings and ended later into the evenings.

Deliberately setting aside time for ourselves.

The first thing we had to do was to be disciplined and make the choice of setting boundaries between work and life.

We decided to free up 2 nights per week and our weekends to really spend time with each other and work on projects that we’ve been putting on hold.

For me, this means more time in the weekend to enjoy a carefree brunch, whip up some homemade dessert, enjoy a book over a cup of cuppa…

That was also when we start having more time to explore new hobbies, rediscover interests that I’ve forgotten over the busy working years and engage in some home improvement projects.

Doing almost everything at home

Being stuck at home also meant that we had to “bring” almost everything home and do-it-ourselves.

Home office, home pantry, home gym… and even trying to re-create what we miss from our favourite cafes and restaurants.

We decided to make our lives easier, even if it requires spending a little more.

We also had to rethink about chores, such as cooking and cleaning.

We can order food delivery or eat instant meals every now and then… but not EVERY meal. Honestly, we were getting a tad too unhealthy. We need to re-focus on our food and health and start cooking our own REAL food.

Having a clean house also helps us feel more relaxed. But we needed help and stop dreading the cleaning chores.

We started looking for ways and gadgets to simplify housekeeping, making chores and cooking easier. Or even fun.

I’ve discovered how small home appliances can be great helpers, bringing a diversity of conveniences to your home and kitchen. Whether you are a master chef or a novice cook, the right gear and kitchen appliances can make everything you do easier.

This eventually leads me to starting this very website…. A one-stop solution.

Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard. But as I was researching on the home appliances and products to buy, I realised that there is so much information out there… but they are scattered all over the place.

While I do subscribe to the idea of spending a little more for convenience, I also believe in finding value and not overpaying.

So, I wanted to consolidate the information and reviews I have and share them with people like me.

Hope you will enjoy and find value from this site!